Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You Kids Know What Global Warming Is?

"I'm glad you do," Bradley said, gesturing for the kids to put their hands down. The only person talking today would be Ted Bradley. "But you may not know that global warming is going to cause a very sudden shift in our climate. Maybe just a few months or years, and it will suddenly be much hotter or much colder. And there will be hordes of insects and diseases that will take down wonderful trees."
"What kind of insects?" one kid asked.
"Bad ones," Bradley said. "The ones that eat trees, that worm inside them and chew them up." He wiggled his hands, suggesting the worming in progress.
"It would take a insect a long time to eat a whole tree," a girl offered.
"No it wouldn't!" Bradley said. "That's the trouble. Because warming means lots and lots of insects will come-a plague of insects-and they'll eat the trees fast!"

Page 402 of, The State of Fear by Michael Crichton

I was amazed as I read this, and like the tsunami, I was taken back by the predictive feature of Michael Crichton, in his assessment of characters Ted Bradley the movie star, voicing the fate of global warming as he spoke to the children about something that Michael Crichton did not know?

He is smart enough to use the character, for sending a message, by exploiting the general consensus of society, and having this voice based in the actor.

Had society come this far, to realize that this fictional story, had somehow become a platform, for exposing what some would consider the sheep in the world forum society, to say, we in the United States, recognize this undercurrent of brain washing that is taking place with our children?

Now, for the Exchange.

As I said above the message in the book becomes pretty interesting, once one reads the jest of the book, and I only pulled one part of it for consideration here. About what fear could be induced in the society that we have not acknowledge some basic facts.

So this is to follow, and without being critized for following like sheep, such voices of global warming having been assigned as co-conspirators to induce fear in the population. What can we do here to answer Ted Bradley's speech to the children?

Some have done a reversal of soldified positions to say, and quite loudly, that the global warming issue is a farce, and by the United States not signing the Kyoto Accord, it stands above the rest of the world? Is it being duped by these so called fictional conspirators of Michael Crichtons, who can create and manipulate the weather for there own ends? To impress upon the world, that the message of what could become, are the result created by those same acts of enviromental terrorism?

Adult mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae

Now before one goes off on a tangent and saids, that some fictional story written, could actually address the situation, well let me add to this before this is done.

In Michael Crichton style, I hope to offer a balanced and informative view about what nature has selectively introduced to the forest, for the world stage. Yes this is what I have done here I think.:)

Salvaging Solutions

The Suzuki Foundation, with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Committee and Forest Watch of BC, conducted some of the latest research and consulted with leading scientists when writing Salvaging Solutions, Mr. Fulton explained.


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