Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Key Words are, "Sustainable Resources"

Now one would have to wonder since a lot of us are getting a preview to the particle interactive phase of collision of particles in our atmosphere, how would such dissipation "fuel other probabilistic outcomes for consideration". Are there any to consider here? I ask because such energy valuation of the sun in our relation would have been influence by other "things?":)

So would it not seem to make a valuable reserve one worth it's weight in gold that such dependancy on oil reserves take over our common sense to create states of frenzy buying at it's worst. Run to our local stations before the rise of cost(what the little bird tells us about such calamistists events) so that we fill on a already inflated valuation system that is being pocketed by captitalists of the worst kind?

Better to depart this systemic valuation system, and learn to focus our generalization in other ways. To the future and other probable outcomes, wouldn't you say?:)

Germany is a leader in the development of alternative energy sources. It has the honor of all other nations both in wind energy production. In the use of photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. As well, 50,000 Germans are employed in the wind power industry, and some 120,000 work in alternative energy. 10% of the country's energy comes from renewable sources.

The Key Word is, "Sustainable Resources"

Environmental Domain-Energy Efficiency

Make sure when you get there, you click on "Energy Efficiency" so that you can see which country is doing what.

Clean: Photovoltaic cells are an example of clean energy technology. By H.G. Oed